Video Set: Cashing In On Mobile Homes – 2021


Are you scrambling to find deals?
Learn how to Cash in on Mobile Homes With Land.
These hidden gems can help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams!

Overview of what’s covered in this video series:

  • A-Z of flipping Mobile Homes
  • The best size, age, and location to flip
  • Evaluating a mobile home flip versus a SFH flip
  • Financing strategies for new & old Mobile Homes
  • Insuring Mobile Homes
  • Best age Mobile Home for the best ROI
  • Turn an old tin box of air into a cash flowing ATM
  • Top 5 Mobile Home myths busted!


  • Contracts & Documents needed to get started
  • Profit from a condemned Mobile Home with little to no work

**Videoset is from the 2021 class